Today I would like to share a blog, 
“A Guide to Nicer Legs and Butt” 
written by Instructor Takayuki Kawashima.




Who do you think has more beautiful looking legs: Japanese people or Americans?

I think Americans win by a long shot.

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Although Americans generally have longer arms and legs which gives them a physical advantage, many Japanese women are bow-legged, a characteristic that is not very common in Americans.







The most common characteristic of bow-legged people is that their toes point inward, while most Americans’ toes point slightly outward.

This characteristic could be caused by the stigma against duck-footedness, making people more conscious about walking with their toes pointed inward.

Some Japanese women are purposely pigeon toed in hopes that they look more cute walking that way, although I don’t think it actually affects men at all.







Because every part of the body is connected in some way, walking with the toes pointed inward causes the knees and hip joints to twist inward as well.

Try pointing your toes in with your hand touching your butt.

You can feel the muscle on your butt getting pulled outwards, causing your butt to flatten out.

This is why your butt looks big when looked at from behind.






This phenomenon is caused by the twisting of the hip joint rotating inwards, forcing the pelvis to open out and push forward.

In simpler terms, your pelvis is in a tilted state.

When the pelvis is opened out like this, the inner space of the pelvis becomes smaller, providing less space for the internal organs.

This causes the internal organs to be cramped together because they don’t have enough room, which ultimately leads to poor functioning of these organs. This can make you more prone to PMS, infertility and constipation.





Being pigeon-toed puts more weight towards the pinky toe which pulls on the outer muscle of the legs.

This pulling leads to bow-leggedness which can ultimately cause knee pain and even deformity that requires surgery to fix.






More weight put towards the pinky toe means less weight put on the big toe.

If there is not enough weight on the big toe, it is the same as not using the big toe at all.

Not using the big toe properly makes the feet more prone to forming bunions.

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In order to transform your butt into a nice butt, you must focus on the state of your pelvis.

Imagine the pelvis as a bowl. When the pelvis is open outwards, it is the same as the bowl being very shallow. This is not a good state, because you would want the bowl to have as much depth as possible with the given circumference.




Pointing the toes outwards causes the hip joints to rotate outwards, which makes your pelvis a deeper bowl. 

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In classic ballet, first position is where all the toes are pointed outwards.

I am not saying that you need to be as extreme as first position; you only need to point your toes out enough that you feel your butt perk upwards.




Although it is common to kneel down on both knees in Japan, young girls have been recently told to not kneel as it causes the knees to twist. This is actually caused by the toes being forced to point inwards. 





The care we teach is mainly focused around pointing the toes outward and rotating the hip joints outward.

The main purpose is to open up the inner space of the pelvis more so that the internal organs can function better, but the care also works to make your legs and butt look nicer.





If you are one of those people that are purposely walking pigeon-toed because you think it looks cute, you are not doing yourself any favors. 

You’re not gaining anything from it so I strongly suggest you stop as soon as possible!

I know the video is only in Japanese, you can try and copy the movements! Make sure to not put too much pressure or strength into it and be gentle. 



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